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The Trade Union Bill is an attack on democracy


The Tories aim to be in power for a generation, and are trying to fix the system to make that happen.

This Trade Union Bill is a deliberate attack on the labour movement, because we are the only opposition to the Conservatives. We prove that every day in our workplaces and in our communities – and that’s what the Tories don’t like.

When we stand together on behalf of working people, nothing can stop us. Our collective spirit working together for each other and for our families makes a real difference for the people we represent. And that's what I love about our movement.

This Bill is an outright attack on the British democracy we hold dear, where people can speak their minds and demonstrate about what they believe in, without fear. The Tories want to end all that and are moving towards a one-party state.

This week, make sure you sign up to protect our labour movement and stop the Trade Union Bill destroying our democracy:

Angela Rayner MP

Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne & Shadow Work & Pensions Minister


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