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The Tories can't be trusted on our rights

This week, yet again, we're seeing the Tories’ true colours when it comes to our rights at work.

Lately, we’ve heard them claim that they’re the ‘real workers’ party’, and that we should trust them that they’ll protect our rights at work through Brexit.

Scratch under the surface, though, and their true colours show through.

Just this week, they’re pushing forward with some of the most controversial parts of the Trade Union Act – undermining working people’s right to strike. And at the same time, they’re asking us to trust them with our rights.

Let’s remind ourselves of their record when it comes to our rights…


Labour are strongly opposing these new measures in Parliament.

Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Minister for Labour, said:

“In an increasingly insecure world of work, Labour remains fundamentally opposed to restrictions that will limit the rights of millions of ordinary working people to strike. 

“Unions are always careful in taking industrial action never to put at risk life and limb, offering essential coverage and initiating industrial action only as a matter of last resort.

“Theresa May talks of the Tories as the party of the working class. Yet in a country where trade unions are already heavily regulated, she wants yet further restrictions to rob workers of their right to take industrial action, leaving workers all too often badly treated essentially powerless.

“As the true voice of working people in Parliament, Labour will fight this punitive package of legislation.”

It’s clear from their record that our rights at work are not safe in the Tories’ hands. That’s why we need to ensure that every single right has a cast-iron legal guarantee, through Brexit and beyond. Join our campaign to protect our jobs and rights:

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