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Sadiq's plan for London

"I want to put fairness at the heart of everything the London Mayor does"


You may not know this, but I am the son of a bus driver who grew up on a council estate in South London. It was through my father’s work as a bus driver that I first learned the value of trade unions. Without unions fighting to protect his pay and his conditions at work, life could have been a lot harder for me and my brothers and sister.

Unions work tirelessly to stop workers like my father from being exploited. It is through the work of unions, in partnership with the Labour Party, that we have secured things such as the right to maternity pay, the right to paid holiday, and the right to withhold your labour. The Tories want to erode those rights, and they want to stop you from being able to do your job properly.

As Mayor I will fight to protect your rights at work and I will fight for all the other things that enable you to do your jobs in London, like the London Living Wage and affordable housing where you want to live.

There are nearly 700,000 Londoners who aren’t paid the London Living Wage, and now face cuts to tax credits too. Osborne’s new increased minimum wage of £7.20 an hour will not come close to the London Living Wage of £9.40. I want the Mayor to be given the power to reward businesses that pay the London Living Wage with a cut in their rates so as many people as possible can be paid enough to live on.

Another issue I will take a lead on as Mayor is housing. The Tories under Boris and Cameron have presided over the worst housing crisis in generations and it is London’s workers, particularly those on low wages, who are paying the price.

Not enough houses are being built, especially affordable houses, which is leading to escalating rents and house prices. A worker on an average salary, paying an average private sector rent now pays 62 per cent of their earnings on that rent.

The government is also selling off social and council housing under Right to Buy but those homes are not being replaced. The Tories also want to get rid of secure tenancies on council housing. All this means that workers will be forced out of our city unless we take urgent action now.

I want to put fairness at the heart of everything the London Mayor does. That’s why I will set up a new team focused on economic fairness at City Hall, tasked with promoting fair pay, good working conditions, and access to opportunity for all Londoners. It will focus on increasing the number of Londoners paid the London Living Wage, increasing the number of apprenticeships and training schemes offered by employers, preventing bad employment practices such as blacklisting, and promoting collective bargaining.

Sadiq Khan MP

Labour's Candidate for London Mayor

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