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Pizza and Politics

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National TULO guide for event hosts 

Meet, greet and eat: what would a Labour government do for working people?

This is a short guide to help you run a successful ‘pizza & politics’ evening. The purpose of these events is to encourage trade union members to support and campaign for the Labour candidate in key constituencies. By creating a welcoming, social atmosphere for trade unionists, and giving an opportunity to meet the candidate and hear about Labour’s positive offer for working people, we hope to gain crucial support and get more trade union members campaigning in key seats.

The basic format is to provide drinks on arrival, followed by short speeches from the candidate and a senior trade unionist. Pizza will then be served, and during the course of the evening attendees will be encouraged to sign up to a supporters list and commit to join a specific campaign event.


National TULO are trialling these events in two regions and have a £200 budget for you to spend.

Model Format

  • 6:30pm          Welcome, drinks served.
  • 7:00pm          Speeches from PPC/senior trade unionist. These should be motivational, and focus on why working people need a Labour Government, and why we need to unite to campaign for it.
  • 7:15pm            Speeches end, pizza served.
  • Opportunity to meet the PPC and socialise.
  • 7.30pm           Short, practical briefing from a campaign coordinator (this could be Regional Party Officer, Organiser for the PPC or Regional TULO lead). This should outline why we campaign, what doorknocking involves, and why it’s important. It should outline that training is available on the day, and campaigners can be paired up if they are new. It should finish with a clear call to action – sign up to join a specific, pre-arranged TULO campaign day in the constituency (eg, in 2 Saturdays time). If they can’t make that day, sign up to the local campaigners list to be notified of other opportunities.
  • 8:00pm          Finish 


Before the night

  • Make sure everyone who is responsible for planning and delivering the event knows exactly what their role is.Work with the PPC and all the trade unions through Regional TULO to promote the event.
  • Decide where to hold the event – at local Party rooms, a union office or a different venue?
  • Set a date well in advance, and make sure the PPC can make it. Share the date with all the TULO unions in the region, and invite the CLP TULO Officer and Campaign Coordinator.
  • Agree a Regional TULO plan to get people to attend the event. Each union should be asked to turn out an agreed number of members who live or work in the constituency. Mobilise through all your union contacts and channels, online and offline. Working people are often busy, active promotion through union branches and unionised workplaces is key to ensuring a good turnout.
  • Produce clear, appealing and accessible flyers for online and offline distribution. Not every attendee needs to be a dyed in the wool Labour supporter. The event is designed to persuade them to support and campaign for Labour.
  • Send National TULO all of the event details so wecan create an online event sign up page as this will ensure sign ups are GDPR compliant. Please consider diversity and gender balance when planning the event. At least one of the speakers should be a woman.
  • Agree a basic agenda like the one above, make sure all contributors are briefed as to the audience and the purpose of the event.
  • Agree a Big Union Campaign Day with the PPC in advance of the event. This should be on a weekend a week or two after the pizza and politics event has taken place. The aim is to get people to sign up to the Big Union Campaign Day on the night. Let National TULO know in advance, so we can produce online sign up pages for you to use on the day.
  • Print promotional materials including details of the ‘Big Union Campaign Day’ and Labour Party membership forms. You might also want to print Labour’s 20 point plan for security and equality at work which is available from unionstogether
  • Purchase alcholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and arrange the pizza delivery. It might be worth giving the pizza company a head’s up to make sure your food will be delivered on time.
  • Ensure that you have use of a tablet or laptops with internet connection to record sign ups.

On the night

  • Arrive in plenty of time to set up.
  • Welcome people to the event.
  • Remind contributors of their roles.
  • Ensure everyone feels welcome, encourage the PPC and other Party members to chat with attendees. As well as an opportunity to communicate the Labour offer this is an opportunity to listen to the issues and concerns of working people.
  • After the organisational briefing, pass round a tablet or laptop and ask attendees to sign up on the Big Union Campaign Day page, or the local volunteer page if they can’t make it.
  • Take photos of the speakers and of attendees (with permission) for use on social media
  • Thank everyone for their time and remind them abour the next Big Union Campaign day.

After the event

  • The follow up is just as important as the night. National TULO will send a follow up email promptly after the event,letting them know the details of the next Big Union Campaign Day.

Even if the event does not draw a big crowd or lead to lots of new members immediately it could well have been a success. Come election time these may become vital supporters and activists.


As these events are expected to be outside of the regulated period and paid for by National TULO, compliance should not be too onerous. Please keep receipts and make a note of expenditure. National TULO will write a cheque for £200 for you to use for the event.

Draft Invite Copy 

Meet, greet and eat: what would a Labour government do for working people?

I would like to invite you as a [Branch/Union] member to an evening with free pizza and refreshments at [Event Details]. We know that [Union] members are suffering under the Tories and this will be opportunity for you to meet the Labour candidate for [Constituency] and talk about the issues you would like to see a Labour government tackle.

[PPC Name] is your Labour candidate. S/he got into politics to get a better deal for working people. [Insert sentence or two about the candidate’s personal story, background, passions etc].

To reserve your place, meet other trade unionists and hear more about what a Labour government would do for working people visit [Hyperlink]

I hope to see you there


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