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A quick interview with Paula Sherriff MP

We're getting to know some of the new intake of Labour MPs elected in May 2015 with a quick fire interview. First up is Paula Sherriff MP:

Name: Paula Sherriff.

Constituency: Dewsbury.

Role in Parliament: Member of Parliament, PPS to Jon Trickett, Health Select Committee member. Paula-share.png

How would you summarise your role in one sentence or less: Standing up and fighting tirelessly for every man, woman and child in my constituency.

Who is your favourite MP in Parliament (now or throughout history): Probably Nye Bevan, for his vision and THAT quote 'The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.'

What did you do before becoming an MP: 10 years in the Police (criminal justice role) then nearly 13 years in the NHS. 

After a long day in Parliament what is the first thing you like to do when you get home: Undress!

What’s your most and least favourite part of being out on the #labourdoorstep: Least favourite probably the good old British weather although I am (in)famous for never wearing a coat when out doorknocking! Best bit? Lots, but the camaraderie with a good team and residents who say they're pleased to see you and you're doing a great job!

When you heard that you had won in May what was your first thought: Sheer relief then humility. 

Who was the first person you wanted to tell: My lovely Mum and Dad. 

Have you ever held a position in a union: Rep for UNISON for around 5 years, activist for many years. 

What was the most rewarding part: Helping genuine people who thought they were in a desperate situation and giving them hope. 

What is your favourite TV show: Rarely watch TV these days, but I do like Come Dine With Me and Four In a Bed for sheer comedy value. 

Favourite colour: Red.

Favourite food: Curry, roast dinner, fish and chips. Not all at once though!

What’s your next campaign going to be about: I'll be continuing my #tampontax campaign and also campaigning for women under 25 to obtain smear tests on request. Also working on a campaign to stamp out internet bullying/harassment.

What was the main reason you wanted to become a Labour MP: To be a strong voice for people in the face of Tory attacks on everything we hold dear. 

What has been the strangest thing to get used to since you were elected: Probably living part-time in London, I'm really enjoying it but it's very different to Yorkshire. 

Have you come across any weird parliamentary rules that you didn’t know before and if so what were they: Quite a few including some of the words/language we're not allowed to use in the Commons chamber - you'd be surprised and possibly amused!

What would you say to TU activists who were thinking about joining the Labour Party: Do it! Best thing I ever did, we need more Trade Unionists involved in the Party, you have so much to offer. The Labour Party is far from perfect but get involved and help us to shape it going forwards.

What would you say to a TU/Labour activist who was thinking of standing for public office: Go for it. Have some good people around you who will support you through good and tough times, prepare yourself for the fight of your life, believe in yourself and develop a thick skin but equally, enjoy every second!

If you were PM for the day what law would you introduce: I would ban profiteering/privatisation within the NHS/public services.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know: keep up with my campaigns/speeches etc on Twitter @paulasherriff or at my Facebook page Paula Sherriff MP.

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