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Even the Tories are against the Trade Union Bill

Tory MP David Davis, has told The Independent the attack on Labour party funding hidden within the Trade Union Bill is "borderline immoral". 

His admission, added to the growing opposition to the Bill in the Lords, makes it clear the Tories know the Bill will have an unfair impact on the funding of the Labour Party. They are continuing to push the Bill forward regardless of its impact on our democracy.

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Lib-Dem & Labour Lords to prevent Trade Union Bill

The Liberal Democrat and Labour Lords are attempting to stop the Tories attacking Labour's funding through the Trade Union Bill. Both parties have expressed their concerns about how the Bill unfairly attacks the funding of a single party whilst doing nothing to look at the funds of others. Read the full article from the Independent here:

Tory Plans To Slash Labour Donations From Trade Unions Faces Direct Challenge From House Of Lords

Theres a great article in the huffington Post today about the Trade Union Bill in the Lords last night. Check it out here:

Corbyn backs rail unions

Jeremy Corbyn and shadow transport secretary Lilian Greenwood joined ASLEF, TSSA & RMT general secretaries and activists at a protest over rail fares outside King’s Cross station this morning.

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5 ways the Tories are loading the dice in their favour at election time

5 Ways The Tories Are Loading The Dice In Their Favour At Election Time

The Tories are loading the dice in their favour. Imagine the horrors of a True Blue Tory future if they’re allowed to get away with it…


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In the news: Even Tory MPs are troubled

Even Tory MPs are troubled by their party’s power grab. Since their victory, the Conservatives have introduced a battery of measures to weaken the opposition and reduce accountability. READ MORE...

MPs build opposition to Trade Union Bill - Morning Star

WORKERS’ MPs are ramping up their battle to defend the trade union movement on the Westminster front of the Tory class war.

Labour MPs including party leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell joined a poster demonstration on Wednesday evening to build support for the TUC’s lobby of Parliament on Monday taking on the anti-democratic Trade Union Bill...


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