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Promises, promises

Yesterday, we got a little glimpse of what the Tories really think Brexit means for our rights.

The Brexit Select Committee met yesterday, and took evidence on life after Brexit for what they call ‘regulations’ (and what we would probably call ‘rights’, ‘standards’ or ‘protections’).

Since the Referendum, the Tories have been offering some warm words on workplace rights. Of course they’ll all be protected, they promise…

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International Women's Day & the labour movement

On International Women’s Day it is easy to bemoan the fact that EVERY day should be International Women’s Day.  But looking at my Twitter and Facebook feed today reminds me how incredibly powerful women’s voices are when gathered collectively, speaking our truths. It makes me feel proud that sisters are making their voices heard …and speaking up for other women who are less able to do so.

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International Women's Day & why women need to join a union

Women need to join a union today.

Women in the workplace owe it to themselves to join a union and get organised. That doesn't mean just putting a card in your purse, sisters. It means rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in. 

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Equal Pay and more – why women at work need strong unions

The job of the union movement is to stand up for all working people, but that task is only being served if the rights of women at work are at the forefront of everything we do.

That’s certainly the case at my union, UNISON, where over three-quarters of our members are women working in the public sector. Every day I see the range of specific challenges that women see in the workplace.

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IWD- Women need strong unions

Womens liberation and the aspiration for social and economic equality are key inspirations for our movement. 

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♥ unions? Then let's fight for them.

This week, we’ve been saying we ♥ unions and ♥ the labour movement.

We’ve heard from Tim Roache about the difference that union reps make up and down the country and from Angela Rayner MP about the threat our movement faces from the Trade Union Bill. Jeremy Corbyn has told us why he is so proud of Labour’s links with the unions. And unionstogether’s vice-chairs, Maria Exall and Mick Whelan, have written on why it is so important that working people have a political voice and why we must fight to protect that voice now it is under attack.

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Why I love the movement

Mick-Whelan.pngI love unions and the labour movement because they stop ruthless businesses from treating their workers like slaves and paying them as little as they can get away with. Trade unions stand for human dignity and the common good and help make the world a better and more equal place.

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At the heart of democracy

Maria.pngFree trade unions are at the heart of a civilised society. The right for us as working people to organise ourselves is essential to gain decent wages, fair terms and conditions, pensions and health and safety standards. It is Trade Unions that can challenge discrimination, bullying and workplace stress.

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Why I am proud of the link between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions

As Leader I am proud of the link between trade unions and the Labour Party – it is not just an historic link, it’s what makes Labour Web_pic.pngsucceed.

We win when we're in touch with the needs and the concerns of millions of working people and their families – the people trade
unions represent.

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The Trade Union Bill is an attack on democracy


The Tories aim to be in power for a generation, and are trying to fix the system to make that happen.

This Trade Union Bill is a deliberate attack on the labour movement, because we are the only opposition to the Conservatives. We prove that every day in our workplaces and in our communities – and that’s what the Tories don’t like.

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