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This matters

I’m not here to tell you how great the EU is. I know it needs to change, and I get why people are frustrated with it. But in the referendum there is something at stake that I care a lot about: rights at work.


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What do we get from the EU?

It is time to step back from the superficial Eurosceptic dogma emanating from right-wing politicians and the media. In reality, concrete new European Union legislation, legally binding decisions and case law over the past few years have continued to be positive for citizens’ and workers’ rights. The EU has a far from perfect record on standing up for social and workplace justice. But we should look more systematically at the benefits of the Europe-wide standards that are actually being adopted, rather than hoping that any future UK and devolved governments could do better in isolation.

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Inside the European Union

This week, Labour launched its campaign for Britain to remain part of the EU, ahead of the referendum on our membership. The Party is in favour of being in the European Union as we believe it is in the best interests of our country as a whole, and of working people in particular, through both the jobs it brings and the rights we enjoy.

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