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Why I love our movement

Not everyone gets what a trade unionist is.

That’s not surprising given that the right wing press have us pegged as a bunch of blokes with megaphones calling a strike every now and again to defend some unreasonable perk that the rest of the population don’t get (like a decent pension for instance).

It is now as it ever was: the few people at the very top who have power don’t want to share it with the rest of us. It benefits themWeb_pic.png to divide us, to drive a wedge between members and non-members, between the public sector and private, between young and old.

Our movement is the exact opposite.

Our movement says an injury to one is an injury to all.

That together we achieve more than we could achieve alone.

Our movement is about the thousands of reps and activists up and down the country who volunteer their time to make sure our members are safe at work; who say to bad bosses that they can't get away with it; who know that no one can raise their kids on a paltry minimum wage and nor should they have to.

It’s about looking after the teaching assistant who got beat up by a parent outside their school, it’s the thousands of toys collected by GMB members to give to the children of refugees at Christmas. And it’s the hundreds of donations and hours spent helping flood victims piece their lives and homes back together.

That's who trade unionists are. They're supermarket workers, paramedics and carers; parents and grandparents; ordinary people who won't accept the world as it is.

The press won’t cover that, but those are just some of the reasons I love our movement.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary elect

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