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At the heart of democracy

Maria.pngFree trade unions are at the heart of a civilised society. The right for us as working people to organise ourselves is essential to gain decent wages, fair terms and conditions, pensions and health and safety standards. It is Trade Unions that can challenge discrimination, bullying and workplace stress.

The Trade Union Bill is just the latest in a long line of the attempts by Governments to restrict working peoples organisations in the interests of short sighted and ideologically motivated employers The right to organise effectively is as necessary today as it was in the 19th century when Unions were first formed.

A workers voice in politics is at the heart of a democratic society. Over 100 years ago Trade Unions founded their own political party to advance workers interests in Parliament. Now we face being silenced again. 

This Trade Union Bill must be resisted. We will defend our right to act collectively to support our colleagues. We will continue to promote human solidarity in the workplace. We claim our right to promote the interests of working people through politics as our sisters and brothers have done before.

Maria Exall

Vice Chair of unionstogether

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