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General Election 2017 - Thank you

A big thank you to every unionstogether activist for what you did over the past few months to contribute to the election campaign – we won the support of millions of people, in every part of the country, for Labour’s manifesto of hope. And you made it all possible.

Together we:

  • Held 77 Big Union campaign sessions in priority seats

  • Campaigned in a further 120 town centres and train stations during the final week of the campaign on ‘Trade Union Tuesday’

  • Distributed almost half a million leaflets

  • Shared 100s of 1000s of online campaign messages

This wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of hundreds of trade unionists across our nations and regions. 

We hope you have taken time to celebrate Labour’s gains and to relax after a momentous campaign. Many things remain uncertain but one thing is for sure, there is now everything to play for.

Over the coming months, Brexit negotiations will continue and we’ll be keeping up the pressure for jobs and rights to be the top priorities in that process. And we’ll be staying on a campaign footing – because when the next election comes, we want to be ready to campaign and to win.

We’ll keep you updated at every step of the way.

Thanks again for all you have done.

Helen & Joe

Unions Together

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