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An Interview with Daniel Zeichner MP

Name: Daniel Zeichner
Constituency: Cambridge
Role in Parliament: MP for Cambridge and delighted to be appointed by Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Transport Minister with responsibility for buses, bikes and walking!

How would you summarise your role in one sentence or less: Standing up for everyone in Cambridge, particularly those who don't normally get heard.
Who is your favourite MP in Parliament (now or throughout history): Robin Cookdaniel3.png
What did you do before becoming an MP: I worked in both the public and private sector and ran my own plant nursery business. I worked in IT and was a local councillor, then national trade union officer.
After a long day in Parliament what is the first thing you like to do when you get home: Reheat the frozen pizza then collapse into bed, forget, and then remember to put my phone on charge! 
What’s your most and least favourite part of being out on the #labourdoorstep: 
Best is meeting huge range of interesting people. Worst is frustration when I hear about the terrible impacts of Tory policies like the Bedroom Tax.
When you heard that you had won in May what was your first thought: Wow!
Who was the first person you wanted to tell: My partner.
Have you ever held a position in a union: National Officer
What was the most rewarding part: Seeing people empowered through the union, particularly people who previously felt they had no power.
What is your favourite…

TV show: Match of the Day (sorry!)
Colour: Red (obviously)
Food: Pasta
What’s your next campaign going to be about: fighting local cuts to bus services
What was the main reason you wanted to become a Labour MP: I want a Labour Government - and make sure that we use it to really shift the power in what is still a very unequal country.  

What has been the strangest thing to get used to since you were elected: That people seem to think I'm somehow a different person - I'm not, I just happen to be a representative as well now.
Have you come across any weird parliamentary rules that you didn’t know before and if so what were they: Too many to mention - I mostly find out after accidentally breaking them!
What would you say to TU activists who were thinking about joining the Labour Party: Get involved - without a strong Labour Party, trade unions will always be under threat.
If you were PM for the day what law would you introduce: Slash public transport fares, and see how much nicer our cities, towns and villages would be with fewer cars - and show how quickly it would pay for itself with wider savings!
Who or what is your main political inspiration: Labour Party members who are active in campaigns always amaze me - wherever you go, you find good, dedicated, unselfish people who make a huge effort for no personal return.
Anything else you'd like our readers to know: 

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Daniel Zeichner
Member of Parliament for Cambridge


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