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Britain's workplaces

This week I’m going on a tour of Britain’s workplaces. From a Nuclear Power Station, to supermarkets, small businesses and a hospital my aim is to talk to workers about what a Labour government will do for them.

I’m going on the tour to mark the launch of the ‘Manifesto for Change’ from Unions Together - the campaigning voice for the 14 trade unions that are affiliated to the Labour Party.

Their manifesto outlines five key things Labour will do in government to make Britain work for working people:

1.  Decent wages – by raising the minimum wage, promoting the living wage and tackling the gender pay gap

2.  Secure jobs now and in the future – by raising the quality of apprenticeships, ending exploitative zero-hours contracts, and the stopping the exploitation of agency workers

3.  Rights at work – by building partnerships between workers and employers and reforming the employment tribunal system

4.  Saving our NHS – by repealing the Health and Social Care Act and recruiting 20,000 more nurses and 8000 more GPs, paid for by a tax on properties worth £2 million or more, by clamping down on tax avoidance schemes and by a levy on tobacco companies

5.  Helping with the bills – by freezing energy bills, scrapping the bedroom tax, introducing a cap on annual rail fare increases and providing 25 hours of free childcare for working parents with three and four-year-olds

As Ed has said, this election will be won conversation by conversation. But what I'll be saying to people I meet this week is clear. At the election in May, the country will have a choice. A Tory Party that puts rich vested interests first. Or a Labour Party that will make this country work for working people again.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

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