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Inside the European Union

This week, Labour launched its campaign for Britain to remain part of the EU, ahead of the referendum on our membership. The Party is in favour of being in the European Union as we believe it is in the best interests of our country as a whole, and of working people in particular, through both the jobs it brings and the rights we enjoy.

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They often call our Parliament the Mother of all Parliaments. Our democracy is said to be the oldest in the world. We pride ourselves on our sense of 'fair play'. But that democracy is under unprecedented attack as this Government fixes the system to help keep the Tories in Government for a generation.

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Spending Review 2015

There was a small but significant current of thought in the last Parliament that perhaps the impact of the spending cuts would not be quite as bad as expected. That perhaps they had worked. 

That would be worth consideration if it wasn’t based entirely on a narrative that was compelling but utterly baseless. The deficit target had to be revised three times, national debt tripled and personal debt spiralled. 

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In the campaign: democracy, what democracy?


Yesterday, the Trade Union Bill passed its Third Reading in Parliament.

Our side won the argument, with even some Tories wobbling on some of the more vindictive aspects of the Bill, but the Government won the vote 305 to 271. The Tories' inbuilt majority makes them almost impossible to beat.

You can watch the debate here

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The Trade Union Bill is an abuse of power from a government well versed in doing just that.

The Trade Union Bill will be put through its final stages in the Commons today. It has been a demonstration of political power at its most naked.

Let’s not mince our words here - this is a Conservative Party drunk on their first majority for nearly two decades, using the state and the full weight of the law as an outlet for their own party political prejudice.

With strike days at record lows and after absolutely no calls from employers it is hard to see why this Bill was considered a legislative priority.

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MPs build opposition to Trade Union Bill - Morning Star

WORKERS’ MPs are ramping up their battle to defend the trade union movement on the Westminster front of the Tory class war.

Labour MPs including party leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell joined a poster demonstration on Wednesday evening to build support for the TUC’s lobby of Parliament on Monday taking on the anti-democratic Trade Union Bill...


In the campaign: right, now let's fight

It’s been all about Parliament again this week, as thousands of trade union members turned up in Westminster for a rally against the Trade Union Bill, and then headed to Parliament to meet their MPs.

I want to start by saying a huge thank you to every one of the unionstogether campaigners who came down to London on Monday.

Lots of you travelled for hours to be there, and the massive turnout meant there were long queues to get into the House of Commons. To those of you who waited to see your MP - thank you. I know not everyone was able to meet their Member of Parliament (and we all know there was a distinctly blue hue to the no-shows), but just being there is important and makes a statement to our representatives that we stand strong against this attack on our rights and freedoms.

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In the campaign: Parliament, politicians and placards

This week has mostly been about Parliament, politicians and placards...

The Trade Union Bill finished its stint in Committee this week. A small group of MPs (mostly Tories – the majority Party in the Commons gets a majority on Bill Committees too) have spent 2 days grilling witnesses, and 3 days going through the Bill line by line.

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Before it's too late

There is a war going on in politics; away from the press and out of the public eye.

Democracy is under attack again, for the third time in as many years, and it isn’t the end either.

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Stop the strikebreakers' charter

The proposals in the Conservative Trade Union Bill on the use of agency workers is a wide open door for  employers to take ‘secondary action’ and will be a  recipe for ongoing  strife and resentment in the workplace.

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