From workplace to doorstep - standing for council

I have been a trade unionist all my working life as I believe that trade union membership is the best way of ensuring fairness at work for employees. Similarly, I have been a member of the Labour Party for the majority of my adult life. As a socialist, I believe that the Labour Party’s values of equality, fairness and the need to build a society for the many not the few, are values I hold dear.

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Reviews, reviews and yet more reviews.

Workers in vulnerable employment have been waiting for the government to deliver on rights at work. But today’s response by government to the Taylor Report is not what workers ordered.

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General Election 2017 - Thank you

A big thank you to every unionstogether activist for what you did over the past few months to contribute to the election campaign – we won the support of millions of people, in every part of the country, for Labour’s manifesto of hope. And you made it all possible.

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The Tories can't be trusted on our rights

This week, yet again, we're seeing the Tories’ true colours when it comes to our rights at work.

Lately, we’ve heard them claim that they’re the ‘real workers’ party’, and that we should trust them that they’ll protect our rights at work through Brexit.

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Promises, promises

Yesterday, we got a little glimpse of what the Tories really think Brexit means for our rights.

The Brexit Select Committee met yesterday, and took evidence on life after Brexit for what they call ‘regulations’ (and what we would probably call ‘rights’, ‘standards’ or ‘protections’).

Since the Referendum, the Tories have been offering some warm words on workplace rights. Of course they’ll all be protected, they promise…

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getting to know Richard Burgon

unionstogether are getting to know some of our new 2015 Labour MPs with a series of quick fire interview.

Richard Burgon is MP for Leeds East and Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury (City Minister)


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This matters

I’m not here to tell you how great the EU is. I know it needs to change, and I get why people are frustrated with it. But in the referendum there is something at stake that I care a lot about: rights at work.


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Getting to Know Angela Rayner

unionstogether are getting to know some of our new 2015 Labour MPs with a series of quick fire interview.

Angela Rayner is MP for Ashton, Droylsden & Failsworth, Shadow Pensions Minister and a proud UNISON member.



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A Fair Deal for Young Workers

#£10NOW Real Living Wage Campaign

Better pay, better conditions. This has long been the mantra of much of the Trade Union movement and continues to be as we campaign for a Real Living Wage to replace the National Minimum Wage. The Real Living Wage of £10 per hour as advocated by the Trade Union movement is not some arbitrary and convenient figure like the tax paid by so many multi-national corporations. Instead it is an amount carefully calculated to be the wage in which you can start to live your life.

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What is going on in the House of Lords?

Last night, the Government was defeated in the House of Lords on the Trade Union Bill – not just once, but three times over.

Lords voted for three amendments to the Bill, on e-balloting, political funds and facility time in the public sector.

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