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ASLEF is Britain's trade union for train drivers. Its 18,500+ members are employed in the train operating companies, the freight companies, London Underground and some Light Rapid Transport. 

National contacts:

General Secretary: Mick Whelan
National Political Contact: James McGowan


75-77 St John Street


London EC1M 4NN 

Tel: 020 7324 2400

Regional contacts:

ASLEF operates around 8 districts across the country - these districts are based on old British Rail regions, and therefore do not correspond to standard geographical boundaries.

District 1
Graham Morris (based in South East London)
07970 059 174

District 2
Kevin Lindsay (based in Livingston)
07789 276 746

District 3
Colin Smith (based in Birkenhead)
07977 142 460

District 4
Nick Whitehead (based in Leeds)
07740 085 493

District 5
Nigel Gibson (based in Bishops Storford)
07866 754 069

District 6
Dicky Fisher (based in Leighton Buzzard)
07714 721 929

District 7
Stan Moran (based in Swansea)
07900 998 683

District 8
Steve Grant (based in Romford)
07968 484 289 

Local affiliations:

Local branches decide to affiliate and pay themselves. Contact James McGowan for further information.

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