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Affiliated Supporter FAQs

Thank you for signing up to become an Affiliated Supporter of the Labour Party. Some of you have been asking what happens next, so below are a list of FAQs and their answers:


When will I receive my ballot?

Electoral Reform Services have now started to send ballots out by post and by email. If you haven’t received your ballot yet - don’t worry. Ballots are being sent out in batches over the next two weeks. Read more here:


What do the candidates stand for?

You can find a full list of the candidates here with a short piece from them about why they are standing to be Leader of the Labour Party:

You can watch the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates debate at our hustings here:

Each of the candidates for Leader has also written a blog on trade unions for us. You can find them here:

Andy Burnham:

Yvette Cooper:

Jeremy Corbyn:

Liz Kendall:  


How does the voting system work?

Both the Leadership and Deputy Leadership votes will be carried out using the Alternative Vote system. Instead of marking an ‘X’, each voter puts a '1' by their first choice candidate, a '2' by their second choice, and so on. You do not have to use all of your preferences.

Candidates are elected outright if they gain more than 50 per cent of votes as first preferences. If none of the candidates reach 50 per cent, the candidate with the fewest first preferences is eliminated and their votes are transferred to the second preference marked on the ballot papers. This process continues until one candidate reaches the 50 per cent mark and is elected.


When will the new Leader and Deputy Leader be announced?

The Leader and Deputy Leader will be announced on 12 September at a Special Conference in London, as well as on the Labour Party website and via email.


I've signed up more than once, is that a problem?

No. If you are a Labour Party member your membership is not affected and if you have signed up through your union directly your application will be processed by both us and your union. You should only receive one ballot paper (either by post or email) and your vote will only be counted once.


I’ve got a problem or question that’s not answered here. How can I get in touch?

If you have a question, it is often quickest to ask online: Alternatively, you can call Labour directly on 0845 092 22 99.


Hopefully you will find the answers to any questions you may have on this page, but if not please get in contact us at or the Labour Party directly on the number above.


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