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5 ways the Tories are loading the dice in their favour at election time

5 Ways The Tories Are Loading The Dice In Their Favour At Election Time

The Tories are loading the dice in their favour. Imagine the horrors of a True Blue Tory future if they’re allowed to get away with it…


Imagine a True Blue Tory Future…. Imagine them winning the next  election, and the one after that…. Imagine the state of our NHS, our schools, and whatever is left of local government…. Actually, it’s too awful to imagine, so just stop there.

But the truth is that the Tories want to be in power for a generation, and are fixing the system to make that happen.

Let’s take a step back, and take a reality check on everything they are up to.

5 ways the Tories are loading the dice in their favour at election time.


 1.    They’re making it harder to register to vote.

They’ve changed the rules to make it harder to register to vote. There are estimates that as many as 2 million people may lose their vote as a result of this Government’s changes. It’s expected that students, those in inner cities and living in private rented accommodation will be hardest hit by this change. No prizes for guessing whether the newly disenfranchised are more likely to lean Labour or Tory.

 2.    They are redrawing the Parliamentary map in a way that benefits them.

The new Electoral Register (yes, the one that’s excluded up to 2 million people, who are much more likely to be Labour than Tory) will be used to draw up a new Parliamentary map. They’re cutting the number of MPs, and it’s expected that the new boundaries will put Labour at a disadvantage before a single vote has been cast.

 3.    They’re cutting off funding to the Labour Party.

The Trade Union Bill contains a clause that will cut off trade unions’ financial support for the Labour Party - while doing nothing to limit the hedge funds and millionaires that support the Tories. It’s estimated that Labour could lose around £35million over a 5 year Parliament. The Tories already have more money than Labour - this will make that imbalance much worse.

 4.    They’re cutting off even more funding to the Labour Party.

£35million’s not enough it seems. Osborne’s Autumn Statement contained some high impact small print - a cut of more than £1million a year to the “Short Money” that Labour receives. That’s the money that the State gives opposition Parties to make sure they have the resources they need to hold the Government to account. It’s like the Tories don’t like opposition….

 5.    They’re silencing opposition.

OK, are you sensing a theme here?! Not content with the Gagging Act from the last Parliament (you know, the one that stopped Charities and Civil Society speaking out about the issues they exist to campaign on in the run up to the election), the Trade Union Bill goes even further. Unions will be regulated to within an inch of their lives, and the Bill makes it harder for union members to take industrial action and for unions to campaign politically.


Each and every one of these changes is an outrage. Taken together, this is a sinister attack on democracy. This Government is abusing its majority to force through partisan measures to help the Conservative Party at election time.

If you believe in democracy, in freedom of speech and freedom of association, in the right to protest, in a level playing field and a fair fight at election time… If you believe, like Churchill did, that it’s wrong for Governments to legislate to disadvantage their political opponents… If you think these changes, together, form an ominous blueprint for a Tory future, then you have to act now.

We’re asking the House of Lords to act as a check on this Government by putting a stop to the Trade Union Bill. Join our campaign at http://action.unionstogether.org.uk/democracy and help shine a light on what the Tories are up to.

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