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The unique institutional link between the Labour Party and the nearly three million members of affiliated trade unions is one of the British Labour movement’s greatest strengths and achievements. For more than a century it has been a direct line from the shop floor to the party at a local, regional and national level and has ensured that the Labour Party has been the only party which genuinely understands and represents the working people of the United Kingdom.

I believe the link is now more important and relevant than ever as the labour movement faces a hostile Tory government determined to make life as difficult as possible for trade unions. Whether it is making access to justice more expensive, undermining employment rights or attacking our political funds and freedom of association, the trade union movement faces a very real threat. Working closely and campaigning alongside the Labour Party is the surest way for trade unionists to resist.

unionstogether has co-ordinated the collective voice of Labour’s affiliated unions for more than 20 years. Our affiliates are large and small but, most importantly, speak to Labour with one voice, the authentic voice of working people. On behalf of the affiliated unions, we will continue its campaigning work to protect and rebuild public services, to develop a secure framework of employment rights and ensure incentives can be created to reward investment and responsible employers.

Mick Whelan, Chair, unionstogether.


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Together, the 12 affiliated trade unions bring the voices of almost 3 million union members to the heart of the Labour Party.

In communities across the country, Labour and trade union members campaign together on issues that matter to all of us - from saving our public services to protecting our rights at work. The labour movement is stronger when we campaign together.

We campaign for the Labour Party because we believe that working people and their families are better off with a Labour government. And we campaign within the Labour Party because we want to help make sure that Labour stands up for the needs of trade union members.

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