For Sale! Your rights at work. Your rights at work not for sale. Sign our letter to Cameron & Osborne.


Dear George and Dave  Our rights at work are not for sale.  Your new scheme to get working people to sell off their rights at work in return for shares is offensive. Job security and employee protections are important, and no-one should be bribed into giving up those rights.  Your Government has no plan for jobs and growth. We need a plan to grow the economy and get more employers hiring – yet all you can come up with is a complicated back-of-the-envelope scheme to make it easier to fire people.  Drop your plans for ‘shares for rights’ now, stop your attack on our rights at work, and start concentrating on fixing the economy and getting people into work.  Yours,The Government is putting forward one of the most offensive, made-up-on-the-back-of-an-envelope attacks on our rights at work that you can imagine.

They are steamrollering the Growth and Infrastructure Bill through Parliament - a Bill that will literally put our rights at work up for sale.

The ‘shares for rights’ plan will allow small and medium-sized businesses to ask new employees to give up some of their key rights at work, in exchange for shares in the business.

For as little as £2000 in shares, employees may have to give up the right not to be sacked unfairly, redundancy rights, as well as flexible working and maternity rights.

Osborne and Cameron don’t have a plan for creating jobs and growing the economy. That’s why they keep coming up with ever more extreme ways of attacking employee protections.

The Government should be concentrating on fixing our economy, and getting people back into work, not on inventing hare-brained schemes to make it easier to fire people.

 That’s why we’re going to send Cameron and Osborne a massive letter, from thousands of us, telling them that our rights at work are not for sale.

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