Paul Kenny

"For many wages are stagnating, while they balloon for the rich; people are being forced into insecure, exploitative work like zero-hours contracts which can pay less and remove their right to sick and holiday pay; and our cherished public services are being run into the ground. For this first time since the 1920s, people will be worse off at the end of the Parliament than they were at the beginning. This election really matters. That’s why we are launching our Manifesto for Change, which will put working people and trade unionists at the centre of the 2015 election"

Paul Kenny, Chair, Unionstogether.


Paul Kenny

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Sign a petition, share our resources, join us on a street stall or at events across the country as we campaign for change – here you will find all the resources you will need to take action on the issues which matter to working people and trade unionists across the country.

Manifesto for change

Britain isn't working, for too many of us our wages don't pay for the day-to-day costs anymore, contracts are too insecure, pay is falling too far behind and our NHS is being torn apart. We need change. That means:

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Together, the 14 affiliated trade unions bring the voices of almost 3 million union members to the heart of the Labour Party.

In communities across the country, Labour and trade union members campaign together on issues that matter to all of us. From saving our NHS, to defending jobs, to speaking up for our rights at work – together, the labour movement is stronger when we are campaigning together.

We campaign for the Labour Party because we believe that hard-working people are better off with a Labour Government. And we campaign within the Labour Party because we want to help make sure that Labour stands up for the needs of our members.

Together, we bring the voices of 3 million working people to the heart of the Labour Party - and we want yours to be the next voice that we represent.

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